I found Judy to be extremely professional as well as friendly. She put me at ease and helped with all of the negotiating and paperwork involved with the purchase of my condo. Although I was out of town for most of the process, she handled everything in great detail. When I returned to the condo and found some leakage and issues with the AC I called her and she immediately gave me two people to contact. They responded quickly and were able to fix all of the problems efficiently and at a fair price. I would definitely recommend Judy for all of the previous reasons.

Marcia Lefavour

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Judy Durant while purchasing our Bradenton Condo. Judy was very professional and extremely helpful.  Judy’s delightful personal touch made the purchasing process seem easy. Because we do not live in the area, we mostly dealt with Judy by phone and email. However, when we were in town and needed to see a property on short notice, Judy was very accommodating. We genuinely appreciate Judy and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful real estate agent.     ~ Bob and Theresa Rivait

Theresa Rivait

Definitely use Judy Durant @ Bayshore Realty Inc.  I had never met Judy prior to our purchase. Only contacted her through a recommendation from a management company. She took the ball and ran with it. She was very easy to deal with and went above and beyond my expectations. Had such a good experience, that my sister who also was dealing with a seller that was hard to deal with contacted Judy and she made the deal happen. So from NW Ohio to Florida she made our dreams come true.   ~Cindy Fritz

Cindy Fritz

We gave Judy a very difficult task as we needed to find a small condo on a very very limited budget and she never gave up.  We ran her gas tank out more than once.. and would have ran any realtor out of patience, but not Judy.  She was excellent to answer every email and phone call and always with her smiling voice and calming effect even when we did not get the offer to go our way.  We recommend her highly and would certainly use her again.  Gail & David Letterman

Gail Letterman

Judy Durant is an excellent real estate agent. Judy went over and above helping us purchase a condo in Bradenton, FL.  She is so kind and most of all so informative which was so helpful with being new to the area.  When ever I had a question I would email or call her and she was very prompt in answering my question. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home or vacation home in the Bradenton or Sarasota area.  We are so glad we met Judy and had the chance to work with her to make our dreams come true.     Joe and Peggy Szozda

Joe and Peggy Szozda

Thank you Judy!  We met more than 15 years ago when Judy assisted my mother with seasonal rentals.  Judy remained a great resource and loyal friend.  In recent years, Judy assisted with renting and finally the sale of our unit.  Judy is hard working and very conscientious. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Judy Durant. – C.J. Hall –

C Hall

I have known Judy for many years.  She is the hardest working, most talented, customer-oriented Realtor I know. She has all the tools – in the office and at home. She has been her office’s top producer for 15 straight years.  Most of her business is either referrals or repeat business from her customers, what could be a better referral than that?  She lives her work and always makes sure her customers get what they are looking for.  I must mention that Judy is my wife; however, my endorsement would be the same even if she were not.   ~Pete

Peter Durant

We met Judy Durant after finding one of her listings on line, boy are we glad that we did.  Judy could not have been nicer, more informative or professional. Judy went far beyond the call of duty to insure that all of our questions were asked correctly and all of our needs were met.  It is so refreshing, in today’s economy, to work with such an honest and conscientious individual. Our sincere thanks to Judy.  – Chuck and Cathy Wade

Chuck and Cathy Wade

I met Judy when inquiring about one of her online listings in Bradenton, FL for a condo.  She responded almost immediately to my request and wanted to set up an appointment to meet asap!  I told her I could pass through Bradenton on my way to the next time-share condo that I was going to, in Mulberry, for the following week. We met that Saturday, we talked for a while in her office about my wants & desires, size, price, location, etc., she listened and found exactly what met my needs. She showed me 3 or 4 units on Saturday to get some feed back from me. Then she sent me a list of 40+ online listings to review and make notes on each as to what was good, bad & why. I have never had a realtor give me “homework” before!  Anyway, after a couple of hours of intensive review of the listings, I sent the results back to her for review. That following Monday she took me to numerous listings that I listed as wanting to see, and a few more that were possibilities. We also did the same a day or two later. I narrowed it down to two units and we went over their listings back at her office. I made an offer on my number one and left for an afternoon of fun in the sun at the beach about 15 minutes away. While driving around the beach area, I received a call from Judy that she had spoke to the owner of the unit and had a counter to my offer. I pulled over and asked about the details, after thinking about the counter for a minute or so, I said yes, with that Judy requested that I come back over to the office to change my offer price and finalize as much paperwork at that time that I could. So much for getting in the water at the beach, I will have to do that when I come down the first time to my unit for a vacation…..  She allowed me access to the unit on Friday and helped me conduct a very thorough inspection of the electrical system, plumbing, a/c, and appliances.  Judy can do it all!  Wow, you won’t go wrong with her help.  She even had the electric service turned on in my name.  Judy is someone who definitely is a professional, who has excellent customer service skills.  It goes without saying, that yes, I would definitely recommend Judy to my friends and family who will be visiting me now, to escape the Northern winters, for some fun in the sun in sunny Florida. Judy is awesome!   – James Pittman

James Pittman

I met Judy in 2002 when we (myself and some partners) started looking for income property. I happened to stop at an office that recommended Judy to us. She followed up with me right away and stuck with us as we fluctuated concerning what we wanted to do. We bought in 2004.

Judy sticks with it until you either decide to buy or not. She is honest with everybody and doesn’t play games. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate including financing solutions.  If a friend asked for help I would recommend Judy immediately.  I would tell them they can depend on her to get them what they want, honestly. ~ Gilbert Vincent

Gilbert Vincent

We chose Judy to sell our condo because of the current listings she has are done with interest and the professionalism stands out from other Realtors.  Judy steps beyond a standard by not only helping with a competitive mark value for your home, but adds personal touches that help your home have the WOW factor.  We would recommend Judy not only because of the many years of experience she has in this field but how she makes that experience work for your benefit.  Jim and Mary Kay Adkins

Jim and Mary Kay Adkins

Judy Durant was recommended by friends, Leon & Georgie Calabrese. who winter in Bradenton.   My endeavor to find a condo was very successful because of Judy’s dedication to fulfilling my requirements.  She was helpful with items that weren’t even directly related to the sale of the property, which meant a lot to me.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the Bradenton area, certainly an asset to clients from out of state.  I would recommend Judy to friends looking for property in Bradenton, without hesitation.    ~ Florence Bennett

Florence Bennett

We greatly appreciated the professionalism of Judy on the purchase of our condo, she was very comprehensible, reassuring and very helpful at the time of the transaction. She was always available to answer our questions. We will not hesitate to recommend her to those who are interested in buying a property in Florida.   Josee Gregoire

Josee Gregoire

I met Judy when I first leased a condo from her.   Proficient, professional, friendly.  When I decided to buy a condo, Judy was who I went to. She knew exactly what I wanted, in my price range, and found it!  What impressed me most about Judy was that she stayed on top of the contract, effectively working through the issues involved, and helped close the deal in a timely manner.  To a friend, I would say, “Judy will really work for you, helping you find the home you want.”   ~Ann Bemis

Ann Bemis

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